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Updated: Dec 24, 2020

A dangerous phenomenon is at play in the psyche of man: Of people getting lost when they wake up to their dereliction. They seek a gleam in the darkness. A gleaming truth amidst the abyss of nihilism—which feels to shake their foundations. When a novel proposition comes along, and it resonates in just the right way… They become grasped!

The preconditions? First, the gleam must cohere with their world view: This creates acceptance; second, the gleam must explain the unexplained: This creates immediate enthusiasm; and lastly, it must leave room for exploration: The unknown has always added an intriguing element to any prospective journey.

However, like all shiny objects—All that glitters isn’t gold…

When true gold is examined, there will always be rocks left unturned; and in this infinite complexity, a never-ending fountain flows; a life-suckling elixir that may be tapped at will. This is the cause for search, and the cause for that same desire in man to exclaim: “The truth will set me free!”

But there are deceivers too: dead ends in a labyrinth that have led many souls to their deaths. When every rock has been upturned---and every discovery has been made—and every explanation claims complete expression of life; the only appropriation left for a soul is to spread the newfound faith like a virus. Instead of an upward striving, there is a sprawling out. A dark abyss begins to envelope those who are susceptible to the resonance; even poor, empty souls-who have never searched that dark place before get trapped in a whirlpool of their own turbulent waters. The elixir is hard to find in disorientation, and automatons are slowly turned from those who become lost. The deceiver enthrones himself and his slaves become zealots of a false god.

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