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Surrender now to Natural Law

We are but the vessel and the receptacle.

Unfold and let wisdom reign: in perfect order.

When you do what needs to be done,

When you know that you will suffer and pain,

and the desires all point toward domination,

It is faith that counterforces for right action.

The king who kneels before beheading a criminal friend;

The paladin who prays while chaos and din of battle surrounds,

When an elephant charges, and you stand your ground.

that is perfection.

That perfect faith, that without, you live a slave to the world.

With it, you live and glow radiant.

Here we stay: Freedom from desire. Freedom from the tyrant.

If we get smitten, why not smile, friend?

If He clothes the lilies in the field, will he not much more clothe you?

And when men fall, why must we fall scratching?

Let it be and carry forth.

Even the primarch, shot down from the clouds---smouldering upon the beach;

in more pain than we, walked forward and dawned his men.

Are we to stay lower than that great and terrible general?

To dissappear into oblivion and mould into the sandy beach which even demons tread over?

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But I feel standing ground with an elephant charging is a fools errand. Why is an elephant charging at you? You must have wronged it and by doing so wronging mother nature herself.


Animals are beautiful

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