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The Pisces before Aries

I was floating in the waters of life. Around me were other spirits, of my nature, very innocent and filled with pure joy and extraversion. I was too, and they greeted me a brother. I knew them and they knew me, in another kind of life. We hugged and cried with joyful tears. We talked about my adventures and about how much I had learned. They held no resentment for my life path of travelling beyond the womb of the mother tree. When my time was coming to an end, there was no remorse, we all knew why I was leaving. To travel on my path and to Transend to new levels. They either did not want to or were content with waiting until it was their turn. We were all equals, and they affirmed what I already knew—what we all already knew, that it was my time to go out. And we will always see each other again and again. There was no permanent goodbye, only love and happiness for my time to travel.

It was a warm embrace, in the womb of mother tree. I sat in fetal position perfectly content. The most beautiful music permeated the place, as angels dancing around me with light spirits. And these angels, a mystical guardianship sort, above me in nature and ever protective. The only thing that stirred within me was a new thought, a burst unto consciousness in my mind. It was an uneasy fear, but one that was slight of far away impending doom--just like the fear of the sun becoming exhausted, but in the very far future. The fear that the mother tree might burn down, and all though she gave us everything, I could not and she could not prevent the inevitable fire. This seems to be a reason for my awakening and travels.

This travelling referred to both my birth, and my awakening to a sober consciousness.

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