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The Ordering Principle

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Ordered fire enchants water. On her end, she flows life freely to those who seek, but she is as shy as a hare. Any hint of domination, and she recedes giving nothing of herself. With too much light, darkness holds no mysticism, and the conqueror receives nothing divine but base pleasure. The waters of life dry up and leave behind earth—not dead nor given, but awaiting its deluge in time. Yin urges for yang’s penetration, but only on her terms.

The dance of generation is that of a peacock courting a peahen: his fire must heat the waters enough for her to feel sought, however, it must be controlled. Too much fire, and she recedes. Too little, and she douses him and puts him out. But, when fire and water balance, she evaporates of herself to beget new life, a son whose body is mother and spirit is father, an heir to the throne of order who will soon be capable to this holy dance—air, the third element. This is the holy engendering. Spirit imbues the trinity, whose mother is Rhea—the ultimate mother—and the daughter, earth, completes the Trinity's imitation of God through a balanced absence of His spirit.

The dual principle of life with holy communion pervades beyond the trinity, as this encapsulated order opposes the daughter, who in her spiritual vacuum descends to a lower plane, where her solidity may seem more fluid, and soon able to be impregnated—thus continuing the holy act of creation. The layers of reality are thus in correspondence with this holy principle.

Mercury, the winged psychopomp, who traverses the realms, guiding souls on The Path. Scribe of the gods above for the base below. Magician of the base below to the gods above. The Round chaos and neck of the hyperbole. Son of Zeus, and symbol of the Intellect--which is air. The dual-god, trickster-god, who one may ponder exactly the nature of his moral alignment. The son, and child of Aquarius who loves laughter, practical jokes, and who practices cheekiness for no reason other than to see how others respond to the joke. The ideal of balance, who laughs in the face of those extremes---especially Apollo, his brother of PURE light and truth---stealing Apollo's possessions, but ultimately being loved by him for showing him the path to musical truth. He is Apollo's sophistication, but also Dionysus' drunken spirits. The holy spirit between the father above and son below. The son, in contact with father and mother, who the daughter, the material world, can confide in. Known as Hermes to the Greeks, base word of Hermaphrodite. And now, a god of memes manifesting in meme currencies, meme presidents, and meme stocks, simply because the balance needs to be restored.

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