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The Madman's Prophecy

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

God is dead and we have killed him! Our torches have burned too bright, We have boiled off the sea and killed every lurking creature. There is nothing left and all that is ours is this lifeless desert which was once a primordial sea. The fish have drowned, cracks in the earth now lead to hell----And, what of us? Have we, forgotten children, been left to inhabit this desert to roam until we starve? To roam until our feet ache and we start slithering on the ground where the heat is blanketed in haze? Nay, I say----For I know the way! But for now let me show you our folly: We are diggers, searching for water in the ground which is not there. It has evaporated into the air! That is where our searing flames have carried the depths. Let us reclaim this Earth by leaving it! Let us restore the seas with a mighty flood! Let us fly above, and leave those obstinate light bearers behind to rot and dig their own graves. The water is not the enemy, and it never was! Let us fly into the clouds and drink from the new sea which has elevated. It is very clear, and still wet. Dive right in!---or shall I say, FLY right in! HAH! We need not light------the light of the sun still shines for us and we can see through all waters in this heaven. The mother of God replenishes herself, and the death of her mysticism was only temporary. Gods do not die forever after all! Now, we shall conquer the Earth and wipe away those murderers who grew too greedy and too fearful; who lit their flames and laughed at those madmen playing beneath the sea. When you are heralds of the light, all of darkness feels evil and opposed, but it is the opposers who have failed, for opposition is ever but half effective. Do not think I am ungrateful, oh men of light, for the murk could not have steamed off without your conscious efforts----I love you for this murder. But I sense an opportunity. Conflagrate as a phoenix and rise up! I harken to you, the darkness is the essence of life and its destruction was your own destruction. Let down your torches and drink this elixir. Fly with me above the earth, it is bright in the sky I assure you---the darkness is illuminated and cannot hurt you no longer. We have some millennia to frolic in this new spring and so I say to you, do not forfeit your chance to transform. Let us drink and be merry! Swig the wine from this oasis that I have led you! We are green my friends, all of this belongs to you. Bask in the light of the heavens as children who play with blocks. Let us make the most of this opportunity given to us by her majesty, Fate. Erect those towers! Dust off your drowsy eyes for spring has finally sprung and her lotus flower is now blooming. After all, how can we hope to dowse the earth if we are unwilling to dowse ourselves!? Let us be drunk today, for tomorrow we pounce! This is the time we finally learn to move the heavens and the earth. It has taken us so long...

"We men are the monsters now, the time of heroes is dead, Wiglaf - The Christ God has killed it, leaving humankind with nothing but weeping martyrs, fear and shame."


Mercury brings a message of rebirth. The routing of evil has been total, and with it, life. The winter has already closed, and the mushrooms have sprouted over the death of man. We are the lucky ones who inhabit these fertile grounds and shall explore this new Earth in spring time. The seeds have been sown, and we are witnessing life grow anew.

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1 Comment

Jan 28, 2022

"Dust off your drowsy eyes for spring has finally sprung and her lotus flower is now blooming."

That will stay with me, well done.

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