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The God of Mercantilism

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Mercantilism, a base idea of a more transcendent one, the mutual relationship and faith between a complex of individuals in a system. Some may cheat and others may play the game honestly, but that game is strictly upheld by the intermediary faith between persons; the game is the cosmic egg of mercantilism. An emanation of the whole, itself a microcosm of the divine order, and itself a macrocosm.

The sun has emanations that cannot be indefinitely covered up. Soon any scaffold will over heat and disintegrate, or the sun's rays will penetrate through the scaffold's holes or slip out through uncovered cracks. Dyson spheres too must fail, unless the energy stored within is syphoned away. Therefore, find the sun and you have your prediction. The sun is the intrinsic value, the gold of the people involved, the direction and location of the company, the thing in itself which is studied by analytic investors. Use the rays as paths and use suspicious behavior as hints to the sun. Black implies white, so everything, rays and non-rays, can be used to discover the gold. Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger’s approach is this one. Find the real, and never let it go—because the real always wins in the end. Don't listen to others, but seek for yourself starting from basic principles, and always remember: you only get wealth if you deserve it. As a holy principle, it is true in all other aspects of life: Every truth permeates every creation.

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