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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

"Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God

the things that are God's"

Thor wields lightning and strength while Odin wields wisdom beyond his peers... Acts of divine power and clairvoyance are the hallmarks of lesser gods.

But, the gods do not walk on earth! I hear say.

the gods do not walk anywhere!

But what I hear does not match what I see.

New gods are being worshipped by man.

These are the Chess Masters, \\ Con Artists, and Stock Traders—men who have attained miraculous insight on par with The Odin himself. They are revered and granted powers which they themselves know they lack. We call the Buffets of our world, Oracles, and the other psychic gurus—magicians, and they truly are. Remember, when Asgard falls, the Æsir make their homes in the lands of men.

Immortals defy even psychological death. If you deny the gods above, you will see them possess the humans below.

As of now, Mount Olympus is burnt, Troy is sacked, and Asgard has been captured. This is man's world now----and so, I must ask: Will you become possessed? Or, will you rule over the gods yourself? Separate the earth from fire, and you CAN participate in creation. So get going...

Write your story, and write it well.

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