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Higher Virtues

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

When your childlike innocence is lost, the higher virtues are lost: Gullibility, Acceptability, Curiosity, and Playfulness.

We all remember that wide eyed stare; its predication to the awe-inspiring world----full of possibility----which stirs the soul into motion; which drives toward investigation and surrender. The attractive magnetism of God's divine creations is all present; but like everything we take and we take and we are never grateful. So many stray and the affect that follows is a negation of life. We all look at a puppy full of energy: These emotions of the higher virtues, if lost, so does their power fizzle away.

There is an issue of perspectives with these emotions; gullibility allows children to be played as fools: Not a boon for a father, who has to defend his tribe. Acceptability allows children to trust too easily: Not a boon for the mother who takes in another’s flock and leaves her own to anguish.

Curiosity allows children to seek too passionately and earnestly: Not a boon for the explorer who delves too deep into the twilight lairs. Playfulness allows the child to suckle the life serum from Gaea: Not a boon for any parent who must toil to keep their family fed.

The higher virtues are not of this world; and so they do not cater to it. They exist as virtues of another existence --- and so our extended stay on this realm RESENTS them!

The misery! The most powerful of these is Gullibility: the key to the heavens. How many have forgotten that: Modern existence denies everyone his FALLIBILITY. Gullibility becomes suspect to those that value reason more than truth. May as well substitute the words!

The higher virtues need to be tempered, aye. We must not allow them to let us be too trusting… too meandering. But more importantly, there is a message that modern life has forgotten: Everything which comes as black or white is false; the answer is in the balance. Do not forget the Higher Virtues.

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