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Dream | Analysis: Anima and Path

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Walking out from darkness into a cold, bright, snowy landscape; I turn around to orient myself. I have just entered a dream and I must get grounded. I see a cave carved into a mountainside at the point I arrived from. I do not know how I know, but I am on a foreign planet that does not feel like Earth. I can tell it is an ancient frigid arctic planet; at one time it held all kinds of life: simple grazing herbivores to the most advanced sentient civilizations. The rock face of the mountain is frosted over, and the rocks seem almost volcanic – a testament to the once thriving, active, distant past. The walls are black except the ice that glazes over them (could it be Basalt rock? it isn’t obsidian).

The pathway that I am walking on is manmade. It is a chain linked steel walkway where you could see below it through the diamond shaped holes; there are waist high rails too. The walkway is 15 feet wide and not restricting.

Coming from the cave, there is an ancient stone door to my left. It is sealed shut and looks to have druidic runes carved into it. There is a man standing guard – he stares at me almost to say that I cannot enter. He wears a cloak covering his face and an aura of bestowed authority surrounds him. He is a revenant of this world: part of an old civilization that no longer has much power: His glowing armor is a testament that he still possesses some strength of those ancient times. He comes from an order that is older than even he perhaps knows.

I look to my right and realize that the path I am on contains the only surface area to stand on. I am hanging over a mountain ledge, bolted into the side of the mountain. I look down at the walkway - through the diamond shaped holes - and all I see is a white snowy abyss. I cannot make out the base of the mountain I am perched on. I gaze into the distance to the right and see snow covered mountains very far off. A part of the walkway further ahead extends at a right angle toward this distance.

I see a fair-skinned, white hair girl standing nearby the turn. She looks my age, but I cannot make out her face. I know she is not anyone I recognize; though I feel a very deep intimate bond with her. She stares at me as I walked toward her, and I have a feeling she wants to help me breach the sealed door. I get closer and positive emotion swells up in us. I embrace her and as I do, she has dual look of shock and pure resignation to the acknowledged love we share between each other. She feels beyond me, she has power beyond me; but at the same time, we are lovers. We look at the door together, and the guard is no longer there.

That's when the dream ends. I do not know if I turned to the door to the left - which I presume is a sign of the unconscious – or to the mountain ridge to the right - consciousness. I suppose this shows two paths that I can follow in life: introspection or outrospection; full knowledge of the deep or embracement of the external world. Maybe I am completely wrong but we will see in time. A subtle inclination toward breaking down the door, and the disappearance of the guard suggest that I will. The way inside will probably be revealed once I learn more about this feminine figure.

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