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Desire and Wisdom, but Reason...

I walked up a grassy embankment on the side of a river. The grass was emerald and perfectly sized. As I walked up the incline, I saw the remains of a marble building that was toppled. I saw a camp outside it with a wooden door. The fire seemed still warm outside—not hot as in just put out, but a more distinct feeling that someone had lived there. There was a wooden door that I opened up and in it there was a decline that led into some depths. There was torchlight that illuminated the path.

I walked down and came to a shrunken, but still bigger than me cyclops. I walked in and sat down in front of him where he, Polyphemus, proceeded to discuss my diminished desires. I looked around as I was talking to the cyclops. He sat down cross legged in a primitive posture. Hunched over. There was a dark but unthreatening pit between us and to my left further in back of the cavern was an entrance to a darker area. He plainly said not to travel there until I conquered him. He wanted me to, and I wondered why he was not trying to eat me. He said that he awaited Galatea and that he had no interest in eating men anymore.

I walked outside and saw an expansive ocean. I was now on a tropical island. I turned to my left and saw a mountain or volcano. I hiked it and looked down into the caldera. There was magma and I descended into it by climbing down the vertical cliff. There I met the chained-up titan, Prometheus, who suggested that to gain his insight, I must have his lot. He said He knew it was a burden, but he would talk to me later about the proposition.

At this time, the sky opened up. A lightning bolt struck near me and a ladder of light formed that led to the opening in the sky. I climbed it and the tension that was forming in my chest from my discussion with Prometheus (it arose because of the proposition he offered) was lifted. My heart eased and in that cloud I relaxed almost to a slumber. I felt a celestial presence----that of the personality of Zeus. I then awoke.

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