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Deny the Incel

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

The Scars, Lokis, Cains, and Vortigerns look upon all with an evil eye. The cyclops of hatred and anger is in possession, the holy incel that hates the feminine! They voluntarily rip out one of their two eyes and judge without looking. To them, God is only right because he is powerful. The wise are murdered because they are powerful!

But what makes the wise powerful? It is because these Jedi flow with reality, they do not create it—and they know this! A sword is just a sword; it is a tool to be used for good or ill. But the incel… He looks at the sword and proclaims with righteous indignation, “Who are you to evade me!? I shall grasp thy hilt and make thy blade bleed. Truth is what I will, and beyond the will there is nothing. Nothing exists: Only that which is beyond good and evil.”

They falsely misconstrue the wise as those with powerful wills, and so it is the magician who is targeted. When the one-eyed freak desires power among all things, it is the powerful who become the target. The tarantula hath made his den, and the one-eyed gaze of evil fails to see truth. The tarantula, evil because he sees with his many eyes but still possesses those souls with just one. He knows he lies, but this is his niche. He cries, "Unjust!" but I see more...

The wise men: those enlightened Abels, Arthurs, Ashitakas, and Alexanders have transcended. They view Excalibur as a will obeyed to something greater. Where mere men see savage beasts, they see strength. When they see bears, madmen see death itself. Who is right? Is a bear a death machine? Look a little closer, watch like a hawk—a lofty enlightened hawk. The bear smiles, he is no death machine. But yet keep watching. Look! Another bear leers with predatory eyes… That one, yes a death machine it be, and the madmen are correct by chance—this time… But the transcended, the veritable ones, are true both times through restrained judgement. The world speaks to them, and they listen.

The whispers in the winds are true. But even truth is challenged by the evil-eye of Satan. Truth is your sword, and this is why He hates you. But fret not: The one grounded---unmoved---in truth, holds the allegiance of heaven's sword. The evil intends to dominate it, but first he must freeze himself to the solid earth before he claims victory. It is the ground alone that he defiles, and this is his eternal burden. Look below the layers of hell and see where the dragon makes his lair. Descend into hell and stair into that one-eyed gaze. This is the reason for your strength, heaven's sword was forged here. It glows silver in this, Pythian cave. It wants, it desires too. Feed it upon the monsters that dwell, and walk through heaven's gates a hero.

Strait is the path to glory;

death is but the price.

Eternal life is for those who bleed,

the rest are frozen in ice.

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