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Dark Projections

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

That military man, who spontaneously appears, is a sign of troubled life. When a police car drives behind you; how do you feel? That power of authority is a hovering dark cloud----changing the psyche; it is negative in spirit. But-----it anticipates something that lurks in your soul.

Every harm you cause will haunt you—no act is completed in a void, and even when you feel secure, the shadows chase ever more. You know this: this is the cause for that thing which lurks.

Authority’s darkness is a sign of personal guilt. This is just one of our many projections; and as

such------it contains seeds to self-illumination if only treated properly. Feel that authority in your heart... Every plague of demons is itself a sign for its own cure. This has become obvious to me.

One question appears: If the shadow’s negative projections illuminate hidden paths, then what is that sign from its opposite? Does bliss merely provide illumination for what was done right—serving as a pat on the back? Or, does it operate in opposites much like that shadow projection: Can it lead to further depths which may hasten the enlightenment process?

The puzzle box has been presented, and although half of its solution has been shown to me; the actions remain undone.

I know what I must do.

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