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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The beast stands in front of me, naked and bare. Raw strength flexes and heavy panting; eyes straight ahead at its prey. I am the target. He stares coldly like a predator----focused. Lightning can strike a foot away and his glare would not break.

There I am: doubtful and hesitant; Confident but unsure. My sword is dry and needs some wetting, and I am its master. My responsibility lies between all my servants. This beast is yet to be tamed; but I can see him kneeling to me before this hour ends.

He charges without hesitation, sprinting with rage; saliva flying out his mouth into the air. The fight will begin in a moment, and I must consolidate my spirit. My armor presses cold against my skin. It is radiant: A gift given by the goddess who protects me. Athena and Aphrodite, both into one has promised me treasure if only I can enslave the beast.

I am not alone and so I stand upright. Radiant armor; Psyche hovering like a halo; Thunder too will be granted at the strike of my sword.

My doubt turns to cold resolve; hesitation is useless and so I transform into a beast as I unsheathe my weapon and step forward, leg after leg-each more dedicated than the last. This is my final hour. The beginning of something new awakens.

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