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A Messenger

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

There is a god who speaks to me on occasion; he has many names: Hermes, Lugus, Lucifer, Orpheus, Virgil, the fairy godmother-all these may suffice. Whatever the name, he once produced this vision to me:

He extends his arm downward and reaches for me. I grasp his hand, and we beam upwards past the clouds and into space.

He shows me earth. I look and see a pale blue rock.

Suddenly, a mesmerizing purple and teal; metallic and translucent energy sphere emanates from the pale blue rock. It pulsates with unlimited energy and engulfs Earth. It is enormous.

It has shape and extension; yet it feels infinite: an idea that is illogical to a sane mind, but it captivates me nonetheless. It suddenly expands in a burst until it encapsulates the entirety of the universe. A cathartic euphoria grips my soul.

The god looks at me and says, “Now you get it.”

Mushrooms are one hell of a drug! It seems, in my experience, when you respect the substance and use it for psychological growth; this is when entities appear to you and give discourse. They show you unimaginable things that will make you fervently believe that you've witnessed some Truth. In contrast, when you take psychedelics for recreation; for feeling good; for a good time: you get what you ask for, a good time with wonky half-drunk feelings. Nothing memorable is produced. It is as if the god's of the psyche only appear to those who need help or who are earnest in seeking truth rather than hedonistic pleasure.

The best way I can articulate this experience is through poetry (Above was my way of reproducing some experience I had. I know I have a deficiency when trying to explain my thoughts but this is the exact reason I started my blog; maybe one day I will be able to more accurately share my experiences); we lose so much of the substance in plain English without embellishment. Nonetheless, I will try to explain right now what this meant to me; it was something like: We need to understand that the experience of life and of consciousness is as Alan Watts says, "The real deal." All that matters is -- what matters: The meaning behind life and experience is more real than the objective facts about the dead things that we perceive. We need to give homage to this little rock we live on as full of infinite value rather than as a small part of an infinitely great universe.

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