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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The center point, at number 9, between heaven and hell stands man. In this single point rotate the 5 gods with the very center being a conglomerated shaft of awareness dressed and surrounded by a cloak of feeling. The 5 gods represent the material world and manifestations of that world. Joy and pleasure being feminine, discipline and strife being masculine, with intellect being bisexual—which is used to understand the other parts. The five gods emanate like a projector onto the cosmos surrounding the man. The spokes of a wheel turn around and around man—which is characterized by earth. The shaft from earth to the sun is the awareness, and the emotional cloak surrounding this shaft is the moon. Above the man-wheel and upwards shaft is the yin, yang principle which begets the elements. Fire: mars and Saturn and sun, water: Jupiter and Venus and moon, air: mercury, earth: earth. Awareness, strife, discipline. Used to mold emotion, joy, and pleasure for creation. Above yin yang is the one unity. The self is an image of this unity, the combination of shaft and cloak. The disembodied soul has this unity in pure without the material elements? Below the wheel and upward spoke is another point below, the 10. I do not know what this is.

The unified will is the single pillar connecting man to god. It is the axis mundi from which all desires to revolve around. The gods themselves, lacking the image of god, in order to act must highjack a vessel which contains this image. All else beyond the will is feminine in this respect.

The man which contains the most of this image is revered and orbited by others. The gods themselves therefore kneel before this pillar, and thus kneel before man. Man does not know, that he is god. And the gods highjack the unsure one; but as soon as he realizes this, they bow. The light of god makes all bow.

Atum himself is this which all images were created after. He as unity contains all the stew around it as well however—since this all is contained in his mind alone. He cannot be defined beyond this just as time cannot be defined before the big bang.

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